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Ekkehard Weber

After his studies in Freiburg with Prof. Konrad Lechner, who was certainly more a musician in the broadest, universal sense than a gamba specialist, Ekkehard Weber developed his own distinctive style on the viola da gamba, both as soloist and ensemble musician. This individuality, in a technical as well as aesthetic sense, is shared not only by his students, but also by a wide circle of gamba enthusiasts through his numerous radio and commercial recordings.

In 1974 he succeeded Lechner as teacher for gamba at the Freiburg Music Academy and has since then influenced, in his turn, a further generation of students.

In addition to his work as a soloist Weber is much in demand as a chamber musician and continuo partner, particularly in the fields of Baroque opera, oratorios and cantatas. In one of these guises, or as a course teacher, he makes regular appearances at early music festivals and as a guest in various ensembles.

Amongst his other activities he works as a Duo with harpsichord,"Lautenwerck" (lute-harpsichord) and fortepiano, or as gambist for Trio Basiliensis as well as leader of the ensemble La Gamba, a viol consort founded by him to concentrate on the consort repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This latter ensemble is occasionally expanded to include other instruments or singers.